Elvin Wong

Elvin Wong is a hip hop dancer and a member of IDentity Dance Company who also does freelance videography. @elvinwongz

Elvin graduated from SAE Institute with a Diploma in Film Making in December 2016, he then went on to shoot videos for IDCO and other dancers and artists alike.

Some recent work include:

“Gunned Down IDCO video”, “Drawn To You, Tell Me Why, Someone Else” Music videos by Ezra Williams.

Since joining IDCO back in 2016, he has travelled internationally to various competitions and events including The Hip Hop World Championships and Dancers Paradise,

He was a member of the I Am Unbreakable 2018 Tour team, performed at the Tempo Dance Festival show NEXT, and is involved in the commercial dance industry working with Momentum Productions and Diamond Ent.